44th Cerne Abbas Open Gardens August 14 & 15 2021
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Opening your garden

One of the important features of village garden opening is the variety of the gardens open for view. In Cerne we are lucky to have a good range of gardens many with good views of countryside and/or historic buildings. Many of the gardens have opened regularly for decades and those that have recently been opening will say what a wonderful experience it has been. So, if you think you might like to open then please contact Bob Foulser by the email link or by telephone. The only reqirements are:

That the garden is interesting (for whatever reason) for vistors to see.
That the garden can be accessed without going through your home.
That is safe to walk around.

On this last point we have to accept that accidents can happen in gardens and so we take out a third party liability insurance to cover visitors to Open Gardens. The absolute last time to register for opening is two weeks beforehand so that we have time to produce the map. However, we start to publisize the event around 1 April and it is desirable to know that we have a core of gardens at that time.

If you open then you will receive an envelope the week before Open gardens. It will contain:

A copy of the map
Pairs of entrance labels for the two days of Open Gardens
A sign for you to display
Any other signs that might be useful to direct folk towards your garden.

Some gardens are able to accommodate disabled access and we try to convey this on the map, and on opening signs, with a special symbol. So if you think your garden is suitable plese let us know.

We also get enquiries about dog access to gardens. We generally reply that, because Cerne is so dog friendly, this is usually possible provided the dog is well behaved and kept on a lead. This is a special feature of our Open Gardens but if you wish to exclude dogs we have special Garden Open signs indicating that dogs are not allowed.

Another special feature is that the owners of gardens are generally present for visitors to talk to so if possible please try to do this, it is one of the pleasues of the event.

On the Sunday from noon, weather permitting, you are invited to join other garden openers in Barwells garden to share a glass or two of wine.

Although we give complimentary tickets, garden openers are generally too busy to visit many other gardens. This year (2015) Richard Hartley-Sharpe and a few other gardeners arranged for their gardens to be open to other garden openers during the week following. It would be good if other small clusters of gardens could organise similar openings at different times during the week.

Around Christmas time we organise a ballot to choose the next beneficiaries from Open Gardens. Short descriptions will appear on the candidate causes webpage. As an opener of your garden you will be asked to cast your vote.

We have one committee meeting following the vote to discuss the result, decide ticket pricing and to take on board any feedback/lessons learned. Claire Crosby, Bev Nunn and Bob Foulser are currently on the committee to represent the garden openers. Denis Parkin, George Mortimer and Mike Clarke organise and represent the helpers.