44th Cerne Abbas Open Gardens August 14 & 15 2021
www.cerneabbasopengardens.org.uk Second Site by Bob Foulser
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Tasks in June

Flower garden

Position summer hanging baskets and outside pots.
Thin directly sown hardy annuals.
Complete planting of cannas and dahlias.
Cut back spring flowering perenials to encourage fresh foliage.
Pinch out leading shoots on chrysantheum, helianthus and fuschia etc. to encourage bushy growth.
Liquid feed containerised plants once or twice a month.
Keep container grown plants watered.
Deadhead perennials to encourage second flush of growth and flowers.
Continue to support herbaceous perennials.
Hoe regularly to control weeds.
Treat deep rooted weeds with glyphosate.
Protect lilies, hostas, delphiniums etc from slugs and snails.
Spray roses against blackspot, rust and aphids.

Trees and shrubs

Clip evergreen hedges.
Prune spring flowering shrubs after flowering.
Prune deciduous magnolias once in full leaf.
Trim evergreens such as viburnum tinus.
Prune wall trained pyracanthas.
Lightly prune rhododendrons after flowering.
Clip fast growing hedges.
Thoroughly water newly planted specimens once per week.
Take softwood cuttings.


Sow new lawns as weather warms.
Regularly mow lawns.
Apply high nitrogen summer fertizer.
Treat weeds with selective herbiside.