44th Cerne Abbas Open Gardens August 14 & 15 2021
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Queries number
01300 341311
In the Village


Cerne Valley Cricket Club would like to request support from Cerne Abbas Open Gardens in order to up-date our ground equipment. In particular, we need to purchase a re-conditioned wicket mower (estimated cost £2,000). While the mower is our most pressing need other machinery creaks too!

The cricket club is very dependent on the hard work of a small group of volunteers from the village to produce a good quality playing surface. These volunteers give up time to prepare the cricket ground, to cut the outfield and to cut and roll the wicket, as well as to maintain our machinery. Unfortunately, our wicket mower has become increasingly unreliable and this has hampered our volunteers in carrying out their work so that more time is spent on getting the mower to work to the detriment of their core tasks. Any support Cerne Abbas Open Garden can give would be much appreciated.

Cerne Valley Cricket Club run a Saturday IstXI, a Sunday friendly XI, an evening league team and 'village' social matches. In addition, there are Under 15, Under 13 and Under 11 teams and regular coaching sessions which involve over 40 boys and girls from the village and around.

Mark Downey,Chairman/ Andy Morgan,Treasurer


Reading can give so much pleasure. We want to instil a love of reading in our children and open their eyes to the wonderful stories and journeys that lie between the pages of each book. At Cerne Abbas CE VC School we have a small library but the books are stored in a cramped space – little more than a few shelves against one wall. We want to breathe new life into the library but we badly need more books and this in turn would require a creative re-vamping of their storage to make them easily accessible for the children. Encouraging reading in school is essential and we would like to provide a cosy place for the children to read their chosen books – perhaps some comfortable cushions and a rug or two tucked away in a quiet corner. Unfortunately, books are expensive and therefore a donation towards more books and refurbishment of their storage along with help set up a reading area would be so welcome and would be a very precious gift for our children.

Catherine Cresswell (School head)


The Scout group had a Bridge (Alice's Bridge) built between the school playing field and the wooded area owned by the Village Hall. The Scouts have been given full permission to use it. Their forthcoming project is to develop the wood to become more user friendly for the Scouts and the children of Cerne Abbas First School. A permanent camp fire circle will replace the current dilapidated one and create areas for shelter building, woodland crafts, nature studies, plaster casting etc.

We intend to start the first phase of the project in 2020, obviously a cash injection would speed-up the process.

Proposed by Mike Keating

Outside the Village


The Dorset branch of Butterfly Conservation and the EuCAN Cerne Valley Community Landscape Project has been very active on Giant Hill (and next door Black Hill) for many years to improve the habitat which is essential for the rare UK butterflies (including the Duke of Burgundy), orchids and other wildlife that are so dependent on the diminishing type of chalk grassland that still features around Cerne Abbas. Our chalk grassland is some of the finest in the UK.

The charity also has a beneficial impact on the village by attracting butterfly enthusiasts and additional visitors to its regular public walks as well as running its annual Butterfly Identification Training day in the Village Hall every May.

Suggested by Robin Jordan

Butterfly Conservation Dorset Branch website


The main fundraising focus at the moment is our Chemotherapy Appeal. I have attached the current flyer. The target is £850,000. The key benefits this project will deliver are increased space for patient care, so that patients can be supported by a friend or relative during treatment, the provision of additional en-suite rooms, improved facilities for staff including confidential zones and bespoke rooms for the preparation of treatments, and a significantly improved experience for relatives and carers.

Mike Keating

Chemotherapy leaflet


Heart Response is a small Christian charity set up to follow Jesus’ example of selfless love and support marginalised women and children. It aims to respond practically, financially and prayerfully to Christian ministries, in Romania, serving the needs of desperate women and children in their society.

I went out to Romania at the start of this year to help with the feeding programmes and the work in the orphanages. Our children, at Cerne Abbas School, regularly raise money to help this charity, we have also donated clothes and have just given Christmas shoeboxes filled with presents for the orphans.

This is such a worthwhile charity. Tish (the founder) visits us regularly in school and leads assemblies to keep the children up to date with the work. It really is very beneficial that the children can see exactly what it is their money etc is doing to help this charity. After Christmas Tish is visiting us with pictures of the children in Romania receiving the christmas shoeboxes from our children.

Catherine Cresswell, Headteacher, Cerne Abbas CE VC First School

Heart Response Website


This charity raises funds to support adults with learning disabilities locally who wish to develop the skills of independence. Often the beneficiaries are people who don't receive any funding for day activities so we are able to offer learning and social activities activities that they wish to take part in e.g. food hygiene courses, paper workshops, sailing and day trips out.

Helen McGonnigle

Opps R U Limited website


Restore Community Care in a new initiative to support older people in our local communities whose lives are spiralling out of control as the result as the result of a combination of debt, broken relationships, drink, loss of accommodation, as well as unmet mental health and social care needs. Some end up in court for the first time with an increasing number receiving a community or short custodial sentence. Over the past twelve months we have supported 17 returning to Dorset and Devon on release from prison having served sentences between two and twelve months for minor offences, including two women and nine men who would have been homeless on release. We are working with other local bodies including the Anglican Diocese of Salisbury, Dorset Churches Together, Dorchester Poverty Action, Footprints, Police, Probation and Dorset Council. We are appealing for funds to provide ‘freedom’ bags for older people due for release from prison and to open a community hub centre and café in collaboration with Parkstone Unitd Reform Church in Poole.

Restore Community Care Initiative) Stuart Ware, Chief Executive/ Caroline Hatlem-Olsen, Dorset Co-ordinator

Restore website


Weldmar Hospicecare is a charity that provides end of life care for people living in Dorset who need our specialist support. Our compassionate approach supports patients and their families, medically and in other ways, in the community, in our hospice and at home.

All our care is free and reliant on public donations

Weldmar Hospicecare is an independent charity only working in Dorset. 25% of our funds are provided by the NHS – 75% of our funds are raised thanks to the support of our local community.

Mary Evans

Weldmar website