44th Cerne Abbas Open Gardens August 14 & 15 2021
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The table below shows the organisations that have benefitted from the Open Gardens weekend. Since 1987 the organisations have been chosen by a ballot of garden openers and help organisers.

2020Cancelled due to Covid.
2019Weldmar Hospicecare Trust£3155.68
Cerne Watermeadow Trust£3155.68
2018Dorset County Hospital Cancer Appeal£3285.47
Cerne Valley Scout Group£3285.47
2017Miss Bush Riding for the Disabled Group£3118.84
Cerne Valley Young People Trust£3118.84
2016Family Counselling Trust£2280.00
Cerne Valley Youth Club£2280.00
2015Footprints Charity£2921.00
Cerne Valley Scout Group£2921.00
2014Future Roots£2800.00
Cerne Valley Young People Trust£2800.00
2013Childerens' Society Waves Project£1675.00
Cerne Valley Scout Group£1675.00
2012Julia's House (Dorset Children's Hospice)£3,100.00
Cerne Abbas Historical Society£3,100.00
2011Weldmar HospiceCare Trust£2,320.95
The Charles North Charity £2,320.95
2010Dorchester Poverty Action Group£3,412.56
St Mary's Church Organ Fund£3,412.56
2009Dorset & Somerset Air Ambulance £3,530.52
St Mary's Church redecoration£3,530.52
2008St Andrew's Church Minterne£2,160.58
Cerne Valley Young People Trust£2,160.58
2007Julia's House (Dorset Children’s Hospice)£2,217.85
Cerne Valley Young People Trust£2,217.85
2006Joseph Weld & Trimar Hospice and CancerCare Dorset Trust£2,241.30
Cerne Abbas Cricket Club£2,241.29
2005Joseph Weld Hospice£2,050.00
Village Hall£2,050.00
2004Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance£2,525.00
Village Hall£2,525.00
2003Naomi House Children's Hospice£2,300.00
Village Hall£2,300.00
2002Joseph Weld Hospice£1,635.00
Village Hall£1,635.00
2001Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance£1,569.16
Village Hall£1,570.00
2000Joseph Weld Hospice£1,544.50
St Mary's Church£1,544.50
1999mri scanner appeal£1,862.50
Village Hall£1,862.50
1998Joseph Weld Trust£1,906.00
Village Hall£1,906.00
1997MRi Scanner Aappeal£1,575.07
Village Hall£1,575.07
1996West Dorset Macmillan Service£2,085.15
Village Hall£2,085.15
1995Leonard Cheshire Homes£854.83
Cerne Abbas School£854.83
1994Village Hall£2,203.72
St Mary's Church Fabric£2,203.72
1993Dorset Respite and Hospice Trust£1,724.00
St Mary's church£1,724.00
1992Joseph Weld House£2,146.00
Village Hall£2,146.00
1991Macmillan Service£1,340.00
Village Hall£1,340.00
1990Macmillan Service£1,623.00
Village Hall£1,623.00
1989Macmillan Hospice£1,442.00
Village Hall£1,442.00
1988Family Support£1,584.00
Village Hall£1,584.00
1987Macmillan Hospice£1,318.00
Village Hall£1,318.00
1986Salisbury Spire£1,379.00
1985Village Hall£863.00
St Mary's£862.00
1984Hospice Trust£839.00
St Mary's£838.00
1983Village Hall£370.00
Weymouth Scanner£370.00
St Mary's£371.00
1982St Mary's£820.00
1981 Cof E Children's Soc£537.00
1980 St Mary's£248.00
1979 St Mary's£192.00
1976 Village Hall£165.00
1975 St Mary's
1974 A few gardens open during Flower Festival